new world class hospital moves closer

Ambitious plans to create a £450 million world class hospital on the site of the present Royal Liverpool University Hospital have moved another step closer following the completion of a major demolition and civil engineering project. It was carried out by demolition specialists J Freeley Ltd.


The contract, carried out over a five month period, involved asbestos removal then the demolition of three redundant operating theatre blocks. After that, J Freeley constructed a link road connecting the two main arterial traffic routes within the hospital site.


In addition to the demolition and road construction, the contract included excavations, drainage, installation of lighting and hard and soft landscaping.


The Trust’s project coordinator explained that a key factor in the success of the project was to minimise disruption and hazard to nearby sensitive hospital facilities.


She said: “The demolition work took place close to the critical care section of the Liverpool Heart and Chest Trust. Patients there are being treated for immuno suppression disorders, so it was vital that any dust generated in the demolition process was effectively damped down to prevent it becoming a hazard for these patients.


“In addition, noise levels had to be kept to a minimum to prevent nuisance to these patients and also to staff working close by in a pharmacy department office block.


“Careful planning between J Freeley and the hospital authorities and skilful execution by J Freeley ensured that the hazards of dust and noise were stringently controlled.”


Using Government WRAP methodology, the hospital authorities must achieve targets set for the use of recycled materials and a reduction of construction waste, in both the demolition and construction phases of the project.

To help meet sustainability targets which included using recycled materials in construction, the 4,000 tonnes of hardcore and concrete generated by the demolition was processed into a recycled aggregate on site by J Freeley. This was then used on for levelling the site and to provide a sub-base for the new road.

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