j freeley ltd starts demolition at darlington schools

Manchester demolition specialist J Freeley Ltd has begun the demolition of redundant educational buildings in Eastbourne, Darlington. The extensive school buildings forming the Eastbourne Comprehensive School will be demolished during the four month contract. The school’s iconic chimney, a local landmark, is also due to disappear from the landscape.

J Freeley Ltd, which has a Framework Agreement with Darlington Council, has been awarded the contract to clear the four acre site. Most of the demolition including the dismantling of the chimney will be undertaken mechanically using excavators fitted with a range of specialist demolition and materials handling attachments. During the first part of the project the council’s own direct labour teams will be removing significant amounts of asbestos from the buildings.

Michael Freeley, director of J Freeley Ltd, explained that recycling and environmental considerations will play an important part in the project. As well as the recovery of architectural features such as stone ans bricks for re-use, the company has set ambitious recycling targets for recycling the various waste streams generated by the demolition. These will be sorted mechanically using excavator-mounted materials-handling equipment.

All the masonry and concrete materials will be segregated and then crushed on site to produce recycled aggregate.  This on site production of aggregate is in accordance with latest WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) protocol. WRAP is a government-sponsored organisation and this protocol is designed to demonstrate that waste products are fully recovered to be subsequently re-used. The aggregate material will be used for filling basements and for levelling the cleared site.

All the timber generated from the demolition will be recycled at a state of the art recycling plant and then reused in a range of manufactured wood products.

“We have a long track record in recycling and minimising the environmental impact of building demolition,” said Michael Freeley.

“In this case our client, the Darlington Borough Council, was anxious that they met their environmental responsibilities and that we conform to the stringent WRAP protocols throughout the demolition contract.”

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